About Nurenz

My client's company, Nurenz, is a word-play of the client's name, Renzrick, and the word 'nourish.' Their main product line is insulated, stainless steel water bottles. To kickstart the project, I was given their brand name, main product/service to promote, brand colours, and brand personality.


The company wanted a minimalistic, trendy, vibe for young adults in Vancouver, BC. Their water bottles were marketed for the city life, as well as for the outdoors. A competitive analysis showed companies promoting bottles that can be easily taken on-the-go, whether in a bustling commute, or hiking along steep trails.

A mood board was created in Pinterest to collage the overall aesthetic desired by the company. A mind map was made to find the right words, associations, and feelings to create a suitable logo identity for Nurenz.

Logo Concept

The client wanted the logo to represent water/nourishment. From the sketched thumbs, 15 roughs were hand-drawn and presented to the client.

After consulting with the client, the final chosen logo was created using Photoshop vectors. The logo design are two water drops interconnected with a hidden 'n' and 'u' for the 'Nu' in NuRenz.

Business Card

A business card mock was produced using Adobe Photoshop for the company's CEO, Renzrick. The business card's main design stuck with a minimalist aesthetic, using a water wave shape with the company's primary colours.

Product Box Mock-up

Canada's guide to product labeling and standards were researched to accurately mockup the water bottle packaging. Photoshop was used to create the box's designs of each side and slogan, whereas Adobe After Effects was used to piece all sides together into a 3D box and modeling of the packaging.

The product's box design mimics the appearance of the water in a bottle when a person lifts a water bottle upward to drink it.

Product Box Revision

After learning Adobe Dimension in September 2022, I wanted to reiterate on my original box mock-up design using Adobe Dimension. I wanted to practice creating a comprehensive mock-up of a product shot.

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