Current Goals:

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Level Up Design

Create designs that can convey a message while being useful to the user.

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Upgrade UX

Improve UX skills working with a team in Vancouver.

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Share Values

Work with a team who celebrates similar values as me.

My Values:

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Health Advocate

You can only do your best work when you feel your best, too! I try to focus on my mental and physical health so I can be my most optimized self each day. I also empathize with those who need that TLC time!

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The Golden Rule: “Treat people how you want to be treated.” This is the mindset I actively try to use when communicating with people. Even if we have different views, that's an opportunity to learn and grow!

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Being You

For years, I felt like I was putting on a mask so I could fit in with everyone else. I think that's detrimental to self-growth and improvement, especially for creatives. Own your weird quirks!

Let's bond over:

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Cat toe beans

My furbaby feline is named Tabioca. He loves playing hide-and-seek, drinking water from the sink, and eating mangoes.

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Art & design

I love engaging with designers of all mediums and industries. I'm always WOWED by the creativity of people, especially when hearing the reasoning behind their creative direction. Reach out if you want to share ideas!

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Video games

Cozy, farming simulations. Survival. Crafting. These are my fave genres. If you haven't played them already, definitely check out Raft or The Forest! Both games really emit chaotic vibes of "survive or thrive!"

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Stone Faces

Oh... is that not a common collector's item? I can't be the only one thinking they're the cutest things EVER!

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